On 17-29 October the 10th edition of Art&Fashion Forum by Grażyna Kulczyk will take place. The Old Brewery in Poznań will yet again become a spot for creative workshops, and a meeting place for people from fashion, arts, and technology circles. więcej
Bogusław Madej, Griffin Art Space – Lubicz 2014 Prize winner, will present his project in the Wall Architects showroom. The exhibition was displayed for the first time last year during our Festival, but we must admit that we impatiently await its new opening in Warsaw. więcej
Playing with forms and conventions and experimenting with light and background - it's a brief shot of 130 outstanding photographs from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries never known in Poland, which will be displayed on the exhibition "I love photography. Portrait of an era through the lens of Stanisław Kazimierz Kossakowski". więcej
It was another part of Polish Paradise, i.e. a cycle of events promoting Polish photography, including three Polish photography festivals: Fotofestiwal (Łódź), TIFF Festival (Wrocław), and Krakow Photomonth (Kraków), which took place in Tbilisi with the support of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute. więcej
In September another great photography festival, namely TIFF Festival, was organised in Wrocław, Poland. Obviously, we also had to be present there! więcej
During one of the most prominent photo festivals in Europe – Les Rencontres de la photographie in Arles, the following three major Polish festivals presented their special character: Fotofestiwal Lodz, Krakow Photomonth Festival and TIFF Festival. więcej
We spent the closing weekend of this year’s Krakow Photomonth in Łódź where, together with Fotofestiwal, we celebrated their 15th birthday. więcej
Have you seen all exhibitions of the Krakow Photomonth? One of them is particularly difficult to visit, as it’s displayed on the streets throughout the city. więcej
And the winner of the competition for the best portfolio with the Griffin Art Space - Lubicz 2016 Prize is: WIKTOR DĄBKOWSKI with the project "In bush therapy"! więcej
Another festival weekend is approaching, bringing along workshops and photobook meetings. So check out what we have prepared for you. więcej
The past weekend belonged to the Portfolio Review and the related events. Thanks to all reviewers and artists for the participation in the Review , and to all who visited us during the Portfolio Evening.  więcej
Visit us in Tytonie (ul. Dolnych Młynów 10) and just make yourself comfortable on the sofa from Rzeczy Same and try to forget about the whole world with our photobooks! więcej
We keep our memories of the past weekend which inaugurated the 14th edition of the Krakow Photomonth Festival. There were 8 exhibition openings, 4 Masters Series meetings, guided tours at exhibitions, 4-day Experimental Section the outcome of which is available for viewing in our Festival Centre, as well as 3 wonderful parties. więcej
Have you seen our festival postcards? Let’s not hide them from the world! Let them go and travel around the world!  więcej
Every Friday we will be announcing a theme of the competition, and your task will be to put a photo on Instagram – the photo must be related to the subject and bear # with the theme, and you must tag us with @krakowphotomonth!  więcej
The author of this year’s visual identification of the Krakow Photomonth is - already for the third time - irreplaceable Pilar Rojo. Edition 2016 is promoted by as many as 17 different posters. For creating the posters Pilar used the photographs of all artists participating in the festival. If you want to learn more about the complex process of creating the artwork and printing the graphic materials, read the interview with the author! więcej
We invite you to the Festival Centre which is already open for visiting in an entirely new location! This year the Photomonth has installed at ul. Dolnych Młynów 10. Tytonie is also a venue for two Main Program’s exhibitions – "Deposit" by Yann Mingard, and the collective exhibition "A New Display: Visual Storytelling at a Crossroads".  więcej
More than a dozen festival events are awaiting you: openings, masters series meetings, guided tours, as well as a four-day-long experimental section with DER GREIF in the Festival Centre. Briefly – this is the opening weekend of the Krakow Photomonth! więcej
The calendar of this year’s edition of the Krakow Photomonth is bursting at the seams with exhibitions, accompanying events and all other events to which you are cordially invited. What can we expect this year? Download the event calendar and check it out! więcej
We received a record-breaking number of applications! So we thank you even more for sending us your portfolios. And now get to know all our Portfolio Review's participants who also will take part in the competition with the Griffin Art Space – Lubicz 2016 Prize!  więcej
It is less than a week left to the festival’s opening, so the assembly works are in full swing. Before you visit the exhibitions, see how the Krakow Photomonth is being built. więcej
Exactly 3 weeks after the first meeting of the Krakow Photomonth’s team with the volunteers in BAL café, in the same place the volunteers had the opportunity to meet the curator of the Main Program of the 14th edition of Krakow Photomonth, Lars Willumeit. więcej
Krakow Photomonth starts 12 May, but before this happens, we, on our own behalf and on behalf of the Griffin Art Space Foundation, invite you to Dom Słowa Polskiego in Warsaw, where on 23 April we open an exhibition of Robert Knoth and Antoinette de Jong, "Poppy: Trails of Afghan Heroin". więcej
We, on our own behalf and on behalf of the Griffin Art Space Foundation, would like to invite you for one of the festival’s flagship events – the Portfolio Review! The 11th edition of the Review also features a competition with the Griffin Art Space Prize - Lubicz 2016 for the artist with the best portfolio! The prize is production of two copies of a folder featuring the photographer’s works, one of which will be purchased for the Griffin Art Space collection. więcej
Meeting with volunteers of Krakow Photomonth 2016 took place on April 8 in BAL. Everyone got to know more about the theme of the festival, its exhibitions and events and met the organizers. więcej
The point of departure for this year's Photomonth festival Main Program was the conviction that crisis is not a transitional phase or an anomaly any more, but a characteristic trait of everyday life, a permanent state with which we must cope in practically all spheres of our lives: private, public, and global. Political, economic, environmental, and migration crises concern us to the same degree as crises of identity, trust, and “individuality” in a globalized world.  więcej
Krakow Photo Fringe 2016 will run from 12 May to 12 June. For the fourth time Lablab Foundation and the Foundation for the Visual Arts are pleased to invite everyone who at that time is organizing events related to photography not only in Kraków, but throughout Małopolska, to co-create it. więcej
The Fotobzik Photographic Association and the OKoło students research section at the Jagiellonian University invite you to participate in the “Manipulation in Photography” conference of nationwide coverage, which is to take place during this year’s edition of the Krakow Photomonth Festival. więcej
As a Photomonth volunteer, you will become an ambassador for one of the biggest photography festivals in Europe and have the opportunity to meet photography buffs, enthusiasts and world-famous artists.  więcej
This year's laureates of the ShowOFF Section met their curators in the Foundation for Visual Arts in Krakow during their weekend workshops (13-14.02.2016).  więcej
Meet our curator of the Main Program – Lars Willumeit! więcej
We know the results of the ShowOFF Section Open Call 2016! więcej
Fotopolis readers chose our Festival as the best artistic event of 2015! Thank you all voters! więcej
We're waiting for applications for the 8th edition of the ShowOFF Section only until midnight (January 10, 2016). Hurry up! więcej
May this holiday season sparkle and shine, may all of your wishes and dreams come true, not only these connected with photography, and may you feel this happiness all year round. więcej
Ladies and Gentlemen! Dear photographers! We are delighted to start the open call for the 8th edition of the ShowOFF Section at Krakow Photomonth 2016!  więcej
Have you visited us at Krakow Photomonth? Please share your thoughts about the Festival now. więcej
Photobooks undoubtedly will rule in Krakow this weekend! So if you are going to stay in Krakow for the long weekend, we invite you to relax with books, especially with photobooks. więcej
Not all exhibitions will be closed on 4th June. You can go to Skład Długa where you can find exhibitions from ShowOFF Section or see Indrė Šerpytytė's project "1944-1991" in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Kraków. więcej
We are happy to announce that The Griffin Art Space – Lubicz 2015 Prize winner is Wiktoria Wojciechowska with "Sparks" project! Congratulations! więcej
As every year, we went to the opening of Fotofestiwal in Lodz. In addition to many great exhibitions, festival atmosphere charmed us. więcej
We have for you films and workshops on the third weekend of the Festival. Moreover, Krakow Photo Fringe invites you to a photographic trip to the mountains! więcej
The second weekend of the festival belonged to our special guests: Masters and reviewers from the Portfolio Review. It was full of photographic inspirations! więcej
We would like to invite you for the Portfolio Evening, open to the public, where it will be possible to meet the reviewers and participants in the Review over a glass of wine and listen to some good music while viewing all the portfolios (these will be available to view as a multimedia presentation at the same location until mid-June). The event'll take place on Saturday, May 23, at 6 p.m. więcej
The next days of the Festival was filled with many vernissages and Masters Series meetings. On a Sunday evening, the last exhibition from Main Program was opened.  więcej
We've opened first exhibitions at Krakow Photomonth 2015: Indrė Šerpytytė, 1944-1991 and Sophie Ristelhueber, Every One (1994). więcej
We've planned whole weekend for you! Krakow Photomonth sets off on Thursday, May 14 with the first exhibition openings and the Grand Festival Opening – traditionally at Starmach Gallery – on Friday, May 15, and much more over the whole Weekend! See you there! więcej
You can find our posters and maps with program in the city. Meanwhile, we invite you to watch our Photomonth's trailer! więcej
We know the results of the 10th Portfolio Review and we also know who will take part in the competition with the Griffin Art Space – Lubicz 2015 Prize! Thank you all for your applications! więcej
Meet this year's Krakow Photomonth TEAM!  więcej
Open call for 10th edition of the Portfolio Review at Krakow Photomonth has begun. The Foundation for Visual Arts and the Foundation of Griffin Art space invite you to take part in the event. więcej
Thank you for your application and recruitment meetings, we didn't expect such a large turnout! więcej
The theme of the 13th edition will be conflict. The curator of the Main Programme, Wojciech Nowicki, has invited to Krakow both legends of world photography and rising stars of contemporary art.  więcej
Open call for volunteering at Krakow Photomonth 2015 has begun. We’re looking for visual arts enthusiasts to join us as volunteers before, during and after the festival. Don’t miss an amazing chance to help to create an event with passionate and committed people. więcej
96 applicants from different countries took part in The International Fashion Photography Competition “Focus on fashion”. więcej
Workshops for the winners of ShowOFF Section took place in the Foundation for Visual Arts on February 22. więcej
Project call for the third Krakow Photo Fringe started! więcej
350 - with that number of submissions had to face a jury of this year's ShowOFF Section at Krakow Photomonth. Traditionally, submitted projects went beyond the traditional areas of photography and video, creating an opportunity to meet different attitudes and judgments concerning both contemporary photography and art in general. After an intense meeting, which took place on 25 January, the curatorial team chose the nine finalists: więcej
Open call for the 7th edition of the ShowOFF Section at Photomonth in Krakow has begun – a contest conducted for artists from Poland and Central and Eastern Europe who are debuting on the contemporary photography scene. Until January 18, 2015 we look forward to receiving your submissions of artistic projects using the medium of photography and/or video art.  więcej
The 12the edition of the Krakow Photomonth has come to an end. Thank you very much for the past four weeks: for your numerous visits to the exhibitions, for your participation in the accompanying events, for your active observation and presence at our website and Facebook profile. Thank you, Dear Photography Enthusiasts! więcej
We have only a few days left until the end of the 12th edition of Krakow Photomonth – it is the last chance to see the exhibitions of the Main Programme and the ShowOFF Section as well as participate in the events of the grand finale: curators' tours, Masters Series meetings, workshops and parties!  więcej
The Seweryn Udziela Ethnographic Museum in Krakow
Krakowska 46 Krakow
Sat.- 14:00
We invite you for a curator's tour with Aaron Schuman. więcej
We invite you for the Masters Series meeting with Eyal Weizman - co-curator of the "Forensic Aesthetics" exhibition of Krakow Photomonth 2014.  więcej
In a few days the 2014 Krakow Photomonth will be over, so hurry and see the exhibitions of the Main Programme and ShowOFF Section! To cheer you up: you may “take the Festival home with you” – in the beautiful, rich;y illustrated catalogue you will find a number of broad texts on all of Krakow Photomonth 2014 Main Programme exhibitions. więcej
Festival is in full bloom and so we invite you to share your opinion on this year's exhibitions, information materials or logistics with us. Your opinion is very important to us!  więcej
The winner of the Griffin Art Space prize for best portfolio, awarded by the patron of the 12th edition of Krakow Photomonth, is Bogusław Madej. Congratulations! więcej
The Masters Series meeting with Thomas Keenam planned on Sunday, June 1st will not take place for reasons beyond our control and will take place on a different day. We are sorry for the inconvenience.  więcej
Bunkier Sztuki Gallery of Contemporary Art
pl. Szczepański 3a Krakow
Fri.- 18:00
We invite you for a stage lecture of Sebastian Cichocki and Łukasz Jastrubczak etitled a (partly) buried cube.  więcej
Along with Griffin Art Space, Patron of the 12th edition of the Photomonth, on Saturday evening (24.05) we've invited you to the Portfolio Evening. It was an excellent opportunity to meet the experts and participants of the 9th Portfolio Review, as well as to see the works presented, which up until the end of the festival are presented at Lubicz Office Center in the form of a multimedia presentation. Thank you all for coming! więcej
Bunkier Cafe
pl. Szczepański 3a Krakow
Sat.- 11:00–14:00
Join Little Najedzeni Fest! and Krakow Photomonth for a Brunch at Bunkier Café on Saturday 31 May from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m..  więcej
Lubicz Office Center
Lubicz 23 Krakow
Sat.- 18:00
Join us for the Portfolio Evening – meeting with the reviewers and the participants of the Krakow Photomonth Festival's 9th Portfolio Review, and a presentation of the best portfolios while chatting over a glass of wine and listening to good music! więcej
Centrum Biurowe Lubicz
Lubicz 23 Krakow
Sat.- 11:00–20:00
This year with the Reviewers will meet... więcej
Now that we have the first Main Programme and ShowOFF Section exhibitions' openings behind us we continue with the Opening Weekend! więcej
Bunkier Sztuki Gallery of Contemporary Art
pl. Szczepański 3a Krakow
Thu.- 16:00
“Redrum” is a unique lecture in which the words are replaced by gestures and images. The authors comment on the main themes of the festival on an editing table, bringing together illustrations, objects and film clips. The starting point is the “red room” of the title – a photographic dark room, a buffer zone in which pictures emerge, in which the invisible becomes visible.  więcej
Krakow Photomonth 2014 is coming. The 12th edition of our exciting photography event will take over Krakow in just a few days. Get to know more about Krakow Photomonth's Opening Weekend – and more!  więcej
Up until 15 May we await your applications to the flagship event of the Krakow Photomonth Festival – the Portfolio Review! This great opportunity to make contacts and work with professionals is this year a chance to exhibit your work to a wider audience as well.  więcej
We cordially invite Media representatives to apply for Press Accreditations to Krakow Photomonth Festival.  więcej
We reveal a tiny bit of what is coming your way in this year's Krakow Photomonth's Main Programme in less than a month. Take a look! więcej
Krakow Photo Fringe 2014 will run from 15 May to 15 June. After the success of the first Fringe, Lablab Foundation and the Foundation for the Visual Arts are organising it once again. The goal of the organisers is to present a wide spectrum of artistic initiatives, while at the same time upgrading external propositions, and promoting the events taking place in parallel with Krakow Photomonth more efficiently. więcej
Hundreds of photos, more than a hundred videos, and dozens of projects with ideas that go beyond the traditional categories of media and exhibition. On February 15th the jury deliberations for ShowOFF at Krakow Photomonth were held. They were an opportunity to meet different attitudes and judgments concerning both contemporary photography and art in general. During the long and stormy meeting, 8 projects were selected that will be shown during the 12th Photomonth in Krakow.  więcej
Until February 9, 2014 we look forward to receiving your submissions of artistic projects using the medium of photography and/or video art. We look forward to receiving projects already completed or currently underway. We are particularly interested in submissions from new artists and projects from the meeting point between photography and video art! więcej
Mark the date: the 12th edition of the Krakow Photomonth Festival will run from May 15 to June 15, 2014. więcej
We are pleased to inform you that, as of today, Agnieszka Olszewska will begin acting as Managing Director of the Krakow Photomonth Festival (or MFK, as it’s known by its Polish acronym), an expansion of her previous role as coordinator of the festival’s main programme. więcej
11th edition of Krakow Photomonth Festival organised by the Foundation for Visual Arts came to an end. FASHION was the main theme this year. The Main Programme, Experimental Section and ShowOFF Section exhibitiona along with numerous Accompanyng Events are all behind us now... więcej
There are only 4 weeks left to apply to the Artists Caught by Umeå – one of the biggest progressive art competitions in Europe in categories: pphotography, design and film. więcej
Apart from the Main Programme exhibitions and the ShowOFF Section this weekend in the festival programme you will also find numerous interesting options of accompanying events – among others:  więcej
It has been two weeks since the 11th Krakow Photomonth began. Let's go back to those thrilling moments! więcej
During the second weekend of 2013 Krakow Photomonth (and a second long weekend during this year's edition at that!) we have a lot of possibilities for you in the Calendar.  więcej
The lucky participants to meet our Portfolio Reviewers on June 1st this year are:  więcej
The first workshops for kids inspired by the Main Programme exhibitions are already behind us. Soon more to come, along with the Childrens' Day special. Get ready! Join in the fun! więcej
During an extraordinary open air screening of all of the works honoured by the competition jury we finally know who won the three main prizes. And the winners are...  więcej
Second night of SlideNite tonight – at 9 p.m. it will become clear who won the first edition of the International Video Competition! więcej
2nd weekend of the festival is a vast array of possibilities. You may choose freely from the exhibitions, interesting meetings, extraordinary meetings, great workshops, brilliant screenings or urban games! więcej
Krakow Photomonth Festival calls out to all the kids from 2 to 12 years old to join in in a series of events organised for them especially this year. WATCH OUT, a series of workshops for kids is setting off! więcej
The Long opening weekend of Krakow Photomonth Festival 2013 is over. See what, how and where during that incredible time – it will only get better, from now on we have the whole Month ahead of us! więcej
The 11th edition of Krakow Photomonth is starting! During the long opening weekend (16.05–20.05.2013) “Get ready!” for numerous vernissages of the Main Programme and ShowOFF Section exhibitions, Masters Series meetings, curatorial tours and many more! JOIN IN! więcej
Krakow Photomonth Festival Office is already open in Bunkier Sztuki! This is where you will find all the necessary information and materials abut the Festival. Please come in! więcej
You already know hat is the leading theme of the 11. edition. You know which exhibitions you may see this year. Get to know more! więcej
Practical as well as collector's item? 11. Krakow Photomonth information materials are here! więcej
Feel invited to take part in the 8th Portfolio Review!Every year it is one of the festival’s flagship events, a unique opportunity to get valuable advice and tips on your own photographic work. więcej
A big day is comming: May 7th is the day of the official premiere of this year's Experimental Section, "Maj" Magazine!  więcej, a Krakow Photomonth Festival International Video Competition in making a audio-video work pieced together from photographs, is on. An excellent Jury: Aneta Grzeszykowska, Wojciech Bąkowski i Karol Radziszewski. Great prizes! We invite artists, amateurs, editors, experimenters. The closing date for entry forms is 10 May – get creative! więcej
Krakow Photomonth Festival 11th Edition: May 16–June 16, 2013 Volunteer Opportunities więcej

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